So everyone has a story, huh?

Let me begin by saying that I’ve been staring at an empty screen all day. All day I’ve been attempting to come up with something interesting enough to write down. My mind raced with thoughts such as, “So what are these blog articles going to consist of?” “Is this going to be a weekly or biweekly thing?” “What makes my life so intriguing that I feel the motivation to make public?” I’m currently hoping I’ll answer my own questions as I go along.


To be honest, I couldn’t care less if anyone reads this at all. One of my (many) New Year’s Resolutions was to record my thoughts in a way I haven’t done so before; I used to keep diaries as a kid, but they never stayed long (Disney made them look so cool. Can you blame me? Screw you, Disney). Also, I’m currently taking my Teaching Adolescent Writers course in college, and there’s an interesting epigraph by Donald Graves that reads, “If kids don’t read more than three times a week, they’re dead.” In technical terms I’m not longer a kid, but in my mind this quote extends to adults as well. It has the major potential to expand the vocabulary, and for us to become better readers. Kelly Gallagher, you’re book is teaching me a great deal thus far.


My final realizations sounded something like this: If I keep thinking or waiting for something to write about, nothing will be expressed or written. Running the risk of sounding way too cliche, so much time is wasted waiting for events to happen.


So now onto a bit more personal:

2015-12-12 17.28.04

My sister is my favorite person in the world. We’re the typical sisters who fight, make up, and share a mutual love for our dog. By the way, I have an immense love for my pups. She knows how much I love her, so ‘nuf said for now. Plus, I’m sure she’ll be in here more than this once, so I might as well not give too much detail.


2015-12-11 22.39.15


This is also someone who will be mentioned often. My roommate, Kaitlyn. I’m forever appreciative of you and I genuinely believe you make me a better person. All the love to you, roomie dearest.

We’re both just trying to get out of college alive, whilst dealing with grades, friends, boys, and family.


I’m a lover of The Office, New Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, and How to Get Away With Murder. That’s all for now.


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